Psychic Readings with The Wizards Tool Box

Has your year like most started with the "Unexpected" and thrown you off a bit? Why not let Greg reveal the real year ahead for you with a personal and compassionate reading.

Gregory is an impeccable psychic who also incorporates numerology in his readings and has done for 25 years. Clients are astounded by the accuracy. Gregory also uses Tarot cards, during the reading, however Gregory's strongest gift is his clairvoyance, he is so clear in his vision, so give him a call today.

"I am available to do psychic readings, where in the comfort of your own home we together uncover the direction you may need going forward. I pray everyone is coping sufficiently and staying safe during these difficult times."

To allow people to adapt to this forced isolation because of social distancing, I would like to offer to existing and new clients a reading via phone or Skype with a $50 - 1 hour reading,(Normally $90), from now until April 30th.

Hope I can help during this unusual stage of our lives. Gregory

Contact via:

Or call/message direct on +61 419 090 153. (Australia)


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